our Story

                     Broward County Concrete is a South Florida based concrete business with over Three Generations of concrete knowledge...We specialize in all forms of residential and commercial concrete, stamped, overlays, broom finish, etc. interior or exterior which includes all concrete pumping all lengths and aggregate sizes...

                  Concrete can be a volatile material, timing means everything when working with concrete. We at Broward County Concrete realize that understanding all trade aspects and applying the "Golden Rule" of Work Smarter Not Harder  will allow us to continue creating completely unique concepts in the world of Decorative Concrete.....

                   We believe the most important person at Broward County Concrete is you the customer. By simply communicating and being personable throughout the entire process is the way to complete projects successfully.

                    Broward County Concrete believes in cleanliness. This keeps the positive notion of  Work Smarter  Not Harder  alive. What do we mean? It's simple a clean work area keeps everyone happy.

Our Mission

                     Our mission is to radically enhance the evolution into tomorrows world of decorative concrete. And to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. 

                   We are a family run business who takes exceptional pride in our work our goal is to please .